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Destination marketing that brings people and places together.

We’re industry friends, who’ve joined forces to expand our destination marketing offer. To reach more people and do more work in partnership, as a team.

We’re all about getting stuck in, being mobile, flexible and adaptable. Bringing the extra hands, extra eyes, extra space and extra knowledge – geared up and ready to go.

Rich in destination, travel and tourism experience, we work across strategy and consultancy, PR, brand and campaign creative, design, content and asset creation, web design and build, media, and broadcast and video production.

An insight-driven, brand and campaign consultancy. Using vast travel and destination expertise, working with decent people to put the good back into brand and marketing.

A media agency focused on achieving the best possible ROI, building campaigns based upon in-depth audience data and insight.

Broadcast and video content specialists, bringing ideas to life across everything TV, Video and Audio.

Providing consultancy to destinations, across audience and market research, funding advice, destination management planning, marketing services and campaigns.

Benefits & values

Already on the journey, or don’t know where to start? We’re here to take you further.


With expert guidance.

We can help you understand your challenges, and work with you to define the very best tourism marketing strategy for your brand.


For places that need people.

Sometimes you know exactly what you want to achieve, but you just need more hours in the day, or crucially, more people on your team. Enter The Roofbox Collective.


Platform specialists.

We bring the knowledge and expertise of 5 specialist agencies, with a full range of marketing services, who can be targeted at any problem you face.


A fresh pair of eyes.

Bringing a different perspective to your challenge can really help breathe life into your place. And when those eyes are connected to experienced brains – you know you’re getting industry support you can trust.


Budget Stretching.

When investment is limited, we can help you find more funding. When budgets are tight, we can help stretch them with integrated thinking and slick project management.


We’re ready to go.

Are you?

Strategy Creative PR Broadcast Media Digital

We provide travel industry consultancy, from audience and market research and funding advice, to destination management planning, marketing services and campaigns.  Actively involved in the day to day running of two destinations, we know what works (and what doesn’t).

Our expertise is also put to great use with guidance across brand and campaign strategy, identifying and clarifying key messages and shaping how these need to engage across the campaign ecosystem.

We craft effective media and PR plans, based on insight and audience research. We even deliver robust and cost-effective content strategies, meaning you have carefully planned assets, perfectly aligned with your brand – and budget.

From creative audit, exploration and competitive analysis, destination brand strategy, development and refinement, through to campaign concept and asset delivery – we’re way more than a one-stop-shop. We’re more of a multi-stop, many-shopped, retail park of creativity. But better.

We’ve been producing engaging creative for brands and destinations for more than 40 years, impacting audiences from all walks of life.

We deliver bespoke public relations support to hotels, venues, tourist, business and events destinations.

Using our extensive media network, coupled with our strong influencer connections, our PR strategies are crafted to speak directly to your audience.

We blend the creative vision that comes from an ad agency, with the technical knowledge of a production company, sprinkled with the experience of a destination videographer – so clients receive a premium, yet affordable, end-to-end service.

A direct line to the Creatives, Producers and Directors, not just the Account Execs, means nothing is lost in communication.

We are the people that really make it happen – bringing life to ideas and ideas to life across everything TV, Video and Audio.

We create successful media campaigns, offering media strategy, media planning and media buying services for many well-known places and spaces.

Our high-performance campaigns run across all media channels, from paid social to PPC, TV, Radio, and OOH to native, perfectly capturing your target audience across multiple touchpoints in the customer journey.

And we base all this on rich insight, gathering data from sources such as GWI and social listening. For our clients this means successful campaigns, whether that’s increased visitor numbers, or sales, or more awareness.

Our digital experts are hand-picked to give you the cross-functional support you need. Helping make sense of your digital world whilst providing the effectiveness your business demands.

From engaging campaign micro-sites, to conversion-based landing pages, through to customer centric website design and development, our powerful mix of brand and audience driven insight ensures a joined-up digital experience for you, your stakeholders and your customers.


The finishing touches, the extras as well as the essentials.

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